What happens with your data?

gplusrss is only asking for data which we need to run the service smoothly. All Google related informationen and access is strictly used to stream the Google+-postings to your RSS-Stream which by itself is public.

Your email-adress is only used for gplusrss-related things, such as payment, very important informations for your account and so on.

We do not sell your data while we run the service!

While we run the service we are not interested in showing anybody your data. We only show newly created (public) feeds at the frontpage of gplusrss.com. You may always choose to delete your feeds and even your complete login-data.

Banking data and payment

gplusrss is using Paypal for all financial transactions. Using this service all your banking data is only stored with Paypal and is never disclosed to gplusrss (and trust us – we don’t want to know more than we have to ;-).


Gplusrss is running on yearly payments which the user needs to reactivate every year. Reason is that it is just not practical to automatically charge money after the set period via Paypal. gplusrss might send you an information email, a few days or weeks before your paiment period is running out.

For the payment-process it is necessary to send a billing-email to your google+-related emailadress. That's why we ask for your email on login.

Upgrading and Change of Plan

If you want to cancel your plan, no money will be transfered back to you. You may choose to return to a free-account, you may also choose to upgrade your plan. But the difference is not refund.
Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you in case you are switching to a plan with less fee. You would have to do that during your reactivation time.

What happens with my streams when I reduce my plan?

When you reduce your plan or you choose to go for the free plan, then we unfortunately have to reduce your streams to the included number of streams. This is done by a cronjob that regularly checks every profile. The latest-added active feeds that are above the allowed number of feeds are deactivated. You may choose to deactivate feeds by yourself, before downgrading your plan, so you can decide which feeds may remain active.

Regarding Statistics

If you delete one of your feeds, or one of your feeds is set to inactive after downgrading, all statistics-data (older than one week) for that feed are deleted as well. Additionally statistics-data older than 1 year may be deleted automatically for every feed, as there is no use for that data.

"Google+ to RSS" ist NOT affiliated with or distributed by Google.
This service is simply solving the issue that there is no official RSS-Feed to Google+-profiles.
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