How to create an RSS Feed from a(ny) Google+ Profile-Stream

With the Google+ to RSS tool you gain access to your public Google+ activities through an RSS feed.

To generate an RSS-Feed from your public posts in Google+ you have to log in by using your Google-Account. In the popup window that opens (please allow popups in your browser), needs some access rights for that.

You will be asked to grant access and allow some specific rights which are needed to generate an RSS-Feed of your Google+Profile.

If you do not agree, you may cancel the request. But then you can't create an RSS-Feed.

After you are logged in, the popup window should close automatically. If it doesn't you might have an extraordinary browser. Please close the popup manually or reload, where you can see the list of your feeds. If it is the first time you log in, there is only one feed - the one of your profile you logged in with.

Click on the icon on the left side to open up the feed. Note: Google Chrome doesn't support RSS natively, so please use another browser (for example Mozilla Firefox) or download an extension for google chrome (for example RSS Subscription). You can also check some statistics if you click one of the 3 statistic-icons on the right, or view additional informations if you click the edit-icon.

Please let us know, if something doesn't work as expected.

How to add another RSS-Feed (from a Google+-Page or another Profile - really every other profile!)

If you are logged in, click on the button "New" in the feed-list. You are then prompted to enter the profile-id and an api-key for the new feed.

Step 1: Find out the G+-profile-ID:

The URL of any Google+ Profile contains the Profile-ID. This unique ID mostly consists of 21 numbers. If there is no such number in the url, click on the profile image. The page will then reload and the profile-ID should be visible in the URL.

Step 2: Generate an API Key:

In the earlier versions you needed to provide you own API-Key, this is not necessary anymore. You may now create rss-feeds for every google+ profile, without the need for an api-key.

Step 2: Saving

Enter the Profile-ID into the field and save it.

The new feed will be tested and the data can be retrieved. If it does, then the new feed will be visible in your list. You can also view, when the cache will be reloaded. Please note, that the time displayed here is MEZ (Timezone in middle Europe). We will implement local time display soon.


The requests of the Google API are limited. For that reason we implemented a cache. By default the cache is refreshed every 2 hours (free-account). If the API is accessed very often, the cache-duration could be increased.

Currently you may create up to 2 active rss-feeds. If you want to add more feeds, please contact us.

"Google+ to RSS" ist NOT affiliated with or distributed by Google.
This service is simply solving the issue that there is no official RSS-Feed to Google+-profiles.
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